The title to this post seems kinda silly, seeing as how I haven’t written in nearly 10 months. I guess that is what is driving me to write about it now! I love to write and to share my thoughts and ideas with whoever is out there listening, yet I’ve hardly allowed myself the time lately to do so. I can make excuses like “I’m busy with work” or “I’ve been doing other things”, but isn’t everyone? At what point does that excuse get old? A very dear friend of mine once wrote in her own blog, “Monotony is the thief of progress”. I found it to be extremely clever, so I wrote it down in my notes. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I stumbled upon those words again.

“Monotony is the thief of progress.” It is a simple concept, yet how many of us allow ourselves to be swept up in this monotony? How many of us allow our greatest dreams to become secondary to laziness? For most of us, I would argue there is a certain comfort within it. It is in these moments that we are watching our favorite shows, laying around on the couch, maybe swiping through Facebook on our phones. Our worries are small, because we just aren’t thinking about them. Is ignorance truly bliss?

I have to say that it is not. Not for the dreamers and the risk takers. Relentlessly pursue your passions if you truly desire them! Aim small to miss small. Sure… you will fail along the way, but progress is nurtured by failure! Life is short, and there is not enough time for greatness to always sit on the couch and think about how they will be great tomorrow. This is not to say that there isn’t time for relaxing and doing nothing. Hell, I love laying in the sun on a hot summer day, or cuddling up to a good movie as the winter snow covers the ground. The problem is when you find yourself procrastinating your passions and letting yourself slip into monotony. I have been telling myself I’d write another post for months, yet I just didn’t do it because I was lazy. I was content with the excuses I made for myself. I can say the same for other aspects of my life too.

My advice? Take a step back and look at what burns brightest inside of you. What passions do you have stirring that you haven’t given time to lately?

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases, and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” –Wayne Gretzky



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