Another holiday season is upon us. It’s the perfect excuse to spoil your loved ones with new gear and toys that will encourage adventures in the coming year! I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite things that will make great gifts for your loved ones this year. Just click the link for more information, then add it to your Amazon cart!

Stay hydrated!

Hydro Flask 32 oz

Hydro Flask (small)

Finding the perfect water bottle is hard. I had dabbled in the realm of “Nalgene” but was never entirely satisfied. I picked up my Hydro Flask at an REI over two years ago, and it’s really exceeded my expectations! It keeps my drinks cold, even after I leave it sitting out for hours in the sun. It is also extremely durable! I’ve seen mine come flying off the back of a trailer at least three times and its no worse for the wear. Just slap a few stickers on to cover up any big scratches!

Look cool, be practical: Clothes for the adventurer 

Patagonia Men’s Nano-Air Jacket


This is my go-to jacket. It is light, warm, durable, and it looks pretty great too! The insulation is designed to work when dry or a little wet, which comes in handy if you get caught out in the rain. The fabric is stretchy and breathable, making it comfortable in just about any conditions.

Columbia Men’s Terminal Tackle Hoodie


If you’re going to be spending hours outside in the sun, this is the best piece of clothing you could own. Columbia’s “Omni-Shade” shirts give UPF 50 sun protection, meaning this is a proper replacement for sunscreen. The hood adds a great way to cover your neck up as well. I wore these almost every day while giving kayak tours down in the Everglades and I stayed cool and without sunburn.

Carhartt Beanie


The essential winter cap! This is a cheap and cozy beanie that has been my favorite for years. They come in a large variety of colors, so you can find them to match just about anything. I am picky about my winter hats, and this one hits all my requirements.

Merino Wool Blend Socks


No holiday gifting is complete without new socks. Get some that are perfect for outdoor adventure! Merino wool is the best way to keep your feet warm, cool, and comfortable.

Relax between the trees

ENO – DoubleNest Hammock


This is a must have for any adventurer. It’s great for both an afternoon nap or an overnight on the trail. While there is a SingleNest option, the DoubleNest is a worth while upgrade. It is more comfortable for a single person, and can hold up to two. I’ve had mine for 3 years and I’ve spent many beautiful days and nights in it! The ENO Atlas Straps are by far the easiest and most effective straps to hang your hammock, and they are “tree-friendly”!

The Do-it-all Backpack:

Kelty Redwing 50 L Backpack


Big enough to take on a multi day excursion, compact enough to wear comfortably in the airport. I love this pack for everything. When I bought mine, I was looking for something that held everything I wanted but wasn’t overly large like most overnight packs. It’s not bulky and its extremely comfortable. Pack your bag well, and this one will not let you down.

GoPro Action Cameras: 

Pics or it didn’t happen? No problem. Thanks to GoPro, there is no reason why you can’t capture all the action from your favorite adventures. Don’t think you need to be skydiving to justify this gift. I’ve used my GoPro to shoot all sorts of footage including birds, epic selfies, and games of frisbee in the ocean! You will need to buy a Micro SD card in order to take any videos or pictures. Here is my suggested Micro SD card.

The beginner: GoPro HERO5 Session


For most people, this is the perfect option to get into the world of GoPro. It is small and packs a big punch, shooting in incredible detail. The camera is waterproof and pretty much ready to go right out of the box. The battery is internal and rechargeable, with up to 2 hours of video capture on a full charge. The down side to this is that you can’t have a back up battery waiting to switch out. If you’re going to be using your camera in a place where a quick recharge isn’t an option, maybe consider one of the options below. If this doesn’t bother you, you’ve found your camera!

**The Hero5 Session is different than the GoPro Session, which is the most introductory camera in the GoPro line up.

Mid range: GoPro HERO5 Black


A step up from the Session, this full sized option has some additional features that make it worth the extra hundred bucks. For starters, the battery is removable and can be switched out. There is also a touch screen on the back, which allows you to watch video and edit settings. This camera, like there Hero5 Session, can capture video up to 4K quality.

Best of the best: GoPro HERO6 Black


There is no way to dispute that this camera is the greatest action camera on the market. The newest model of GoPro is packed with improvements over its predecessor. To keep it simple, this camera shoots the best quality video, provides intense detail in slow motion, and has an improved image stabilization feature. Watch this video to get a feel for what that all means (also watch this because its incredible dope). If I were to buy a new GoPro, it would be this one hands down.

For the Birdwatcher: 

Nikon ACULON A211


Light, easy to use, and crystal clear quality. These are my go to binoculars for bird watching and other occasions where I need to see a little further. A big step up from the $20 binos you can pick up at Walmart. Nikon always impresses me with the quality of their optics!

Birds of North America: A Guide To Field Identification 


If you’re going to own one book on birds, it should be this one! This is confined to birds of North America (sorry any friends from foreign countries!) so its a great field guide to have around.

I hope these gift ideas help you out this holiday season! If you want to know more about any of these gifts, or some other outdoor gear/apparel, feel free to shoot me an email, text, or a Facebook/Instagram message! Happy Holidays and keep adventuring!

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