Flowers are beautiful, but let’s face it… your adventurous partner prefers to see them growing in the ground rather than living out their final days in a vase. An oversized stuffed animal is cute, but your outdoorsy valentine favors practicality. Buying for an adventurous valentine can be tough since they research gear for weeks and usually buy it for themselves. I’ve got good news… I’ve done the research for you! Here are 5 great gifts to give your outdoorsy valentine this year.

Real quickly, I’d like to mention that there are affiliate links in this post that generate a small commission for each purchase. Your purchases are what allows me to continue creating content and trying new gear that will help you start and enhance your own adventures. If these gifts are perfect for your valentine, I would appreciate if you followed the links here to make your purchase. Thank you, you’re my valentine this year 😉

1. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet


A trusted name in outdoor knives collaborates with one of the world’s favorite survivalists, Bear Grylls, for this handy tool. This hatchet is small and weighs less than 2 pounds, so it is very easy to include in your backpack. It also includes Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide, a handy little bit of information that can help you out in most situations. Nothing says I love you like a survival hatchet!

2. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


While your valentine can never possibly run out of your boundless love, they can run out of drinkable water. That’s where the LifeStraw comes in. Without any chemicals or moving parts, the LifeStraw filters 1000 liters of water and removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. Fill up your water bottle, or drink straight from the stream.

3. Madera Outdoors Hammock and Hammock Straps


Hammocks need trees like you need your valentine! That’s why Madera Outdoors plants 2 trees for every hammock bought. Give a great gift and also give back to Mother Nature, something your valentine is sure to appreciate. Madera hammocks are the perfect way to spend an afternoon nap or a weekend out backpacking. Make sure to grab a pair of straps as well! The daisy-chained webbing makes hanging your hammock easy breezy.

**Use my discount code MADERA30 to get 30% off your purchase!

4. Hydro Flask 21 oz

Hydroflask 21oz.jpg

This water bottle is committed to keeping your valentine’s beverage of choice warm or cold for extended durations of time, just like you’re committed to keeping your romance roaring like a good campfire! With lots of color options and a tough stainless steel exterior, this is bound to become your valentine’s new favorite water bottle.



Skip the boring box of chocolate this year and give your valentine a box of Clif Bars! There are tons of flavors and the ingredients are 70% organic! These are a great mid-hike treat, so get a few boxes if you’re going to be upping your adventure potential this year!

I hope these suggestions bring joy to you and your valentine this year! Remember, a thoughtful gift is the best gift. Have any other ideas? Feel free to ask me about them!

Until then… get a haircut and get a real job!


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