After spending a brief but beautiful few days in Florida last week, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite adventures from the trip! On the first day, we decided to check out ZooTampa in Lowry Park.

The exhibits were fantastic and there is quite a wide range of animals to see! While I could have just watched the Bornean Orangutans for hours, some of the other animals there include rhinos, giraffes, African elephants, wolves, amazing birds, and even a manatee rehabilitation center. Plan at least 3 hours in the zoo to really be able to take everything in. You do save some money and time by buying your ticket ahead of time online as well!

Good zoos are becoming increasingly important in our world today. In order to love and want to protect something, you must first cultivate an understanding and connection with it. To create that kind of connection, we need places like ZooTampa to provide a place where people from all walks of life can come learn more about these precious animals that we share the Earth with. As more species come under the threat of human expansion, well-maintained zoos could be the best chance we have at reconnecting the general public with nature.

I encourage you to go see this place for yourself! It was so much fun! They have certain animals that you can schedule a close encounter with during your stay. The animals are different depending on the day, so check as soon as you get to the park! Continue to educate yourself and those close to you on the importance of making our home planet a home for every living creature we share it with!

Until next time…. get a haircut and get a real job! 😉


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